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We are a team of mining and geotechnical experts with deep roots in the area. The facility known as Temiskaming Testing Labs is based in the historic town of Cobalt and has built a reputation around its processing of local ores, particularly silver ores.

A Public Initiative

Founded to Support Local Mine Operators

The Ontario Department of Mines established the Temiskaming Testing Laboratory in 1921 to serve local mine operators. Since few of the mining operations were large enough to justify their own assay office and specialized equipment, it was decided the provincical government should build and manage the service.

The facility was extensively renovated and updated over the years by the Ministry of Northern Development & Mines as a technically advanced bulk sampling and testing station for minerals and precious metals. By the 1990s the operation was decommissioned due to a decrease in Silver mining in the area.

Anthony Dapaah


Anthony Dapaah Ph.D.

Anthony Dapaah has over 30 years experience in the laboratory industry, including 20 years in operations and management. Dr. Dapaah obtained his Masters and PhD degrees in Japan and worked with Sumitomo Metals Technology in Japan managing the ultra trace metals analysis department from 1998 to 2004; where he improved analytical methods for the determination of ultratrace impurities in semiconductor related materials and in high purity metal alloys.

On immigrating to Canada, Dr. Dapaah worked with Maxxam Analytics (now Bureau Veritas) as supervisor in the inorganic processing department for 4 years. After 6 years with Agat Laboratories, Dr. Dapaah worked with SGS in New Jersey as general chemistry lab manager.


Independently Operated

The perennial difficulty of timely assay results motivated the acquisition in the short term. The longer term implications expand operational capability for a series of projects in the camp, and have the benefit of contributing to the local economy.


Our Approach to Mining

Securing the Facility was a Strategic decision to consolidate the camp

PolyMet Labs first purchased the facility in 2000 and began operating as an Assay Laboratory, and Bulk Sampling, Crushing, Grinding, Processing, Upgrading, and Smelting Plant. When the facility changed ownership in 2020 it was relaunched as Temiskaming Testing Laboratories Inc.